WHaTeR: Work Packages


Project management, coordination and methodology development




Project management and coordination is the task of the Programme Management Office (PMO) which will be composed of the project director (PMO head), the project coordinator and the secretariat. The PMO will be responsible for the centralized and coordinated management and the day-to-day running of the project. It will oversee the financial administration and the reporting to the European Commission, ensure adequate synchronization of the work packages and associated methodologies, smooth communication among work package leaders and partners, and communicate project findings to relevant stakeholders, policy makers and the European Commission. The main outputs of the PMO will be a project website and e-newsletters, progress reports to the EU, a communication plan, and two workshops (kick off, methodology), audiovisual material, and a midterm-review report.


• to perform project management and coordination
• to manage the consortium
• to communicate to WP leaders, steering group members, stakeholders
• to gather inputs from relevant stakeholders
• to monitor project progress, work packages’ synchronization, assure quality
• to coordinate all reports for the Commission
• to submit cost statements and audits
• to communicate project findings to stakeholder groups


D1.1) Summary report on kick off workshop: A concised report will be written on issues discussed and/or decisions taken on organizational matters, communication plan, selection of members for advisory group, RTD protocol for WHT revisits, and coordination and divsion of tasks for data gathering by consortium members during WHT revisits. [month 2]

D1.2) Website: A project website will be developed and maintained to inform the general public and stakeholders about project aims, activities and findings, provide a discussion platform and a facilty to exchange publications and documents for consortium partners and relevant stakeholders. The website also serves as a means for coordination and management of project activities with a specific communication tool shared among consortium members only. [month 3]

D1.3) Summary report on situation and methodology workshop: A concised report will be written on issues discussed and plans made during the workshop related to, e.g., operational and network matters, refinement of follow-up action research based on WHT site revisits, Work Packages' synchronization, coordination of consortium member tasks and methodologies for cross-country and within-country activities (networking,dissemination, data gathering and knowledge exchange for the various Work Packages, refinement of content of stakeholder workshops, and clustering activities). [month 13]

D1.4) Final project evaluation report: A concised internal evaluation report will be written based on interim evaluation reports on the performed management, coordination, communication and RTD activities throughout the project. [month 48]

Lead Institution:

Centre for International Cooperation, VU University Amsterdam (VUA-CIS)

WP Leader:

Denyse Snelder - Project Coordinator

Sabina Di Prima - Project Manager