WHaTeR: Work Packages


WHT revisit and situation analysis


The work package builds on previous WHT studies by the consortium members within Sub-Saharan Africa. The main study in question was on “Sub-Saharan Water Harvesting” carried out by Critchley and colleagues (VUA) for the World Bank between 1987 and 1989 (Critchley et al 1992). This Work Package comprise visits to countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, and documented experience with newly introduced, as well as indigenous, systems of water harvesting. Other sites previously studied and reported in the literature will also be included, bringing the total number of countries to be visited to 15. The concept is simple: we already have considerable information, much of it in-house, on what the situation with various WHTs was in the past; so let us re-visit these sites, re-study, and learn from what has happened over the years.


• To re-visit and re-examine previous study sites of WHT systems in Sub-Saharan Africa
• To assess sites for evidence of change, inter alia evolution of technologies and adoption
• To analyse these changes to inform the programme process through the work packages


D2.1) Synthesis report on WHT revisits: A synthesis report based on the analysis and integration of the interim reports on WHT revisits including the major conclusions discussed and presented during the situation and methology workshop in month 11 [month 12]

Lead Institution:

Centre for International Cooperation, VU University Amsterdam (VUA-CIS)

WP Leader:

William Critchley