WHaTeR: Partners

University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (UNEW)

The School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development has a long tradition within Newcastle University of addressing the needs of research, teaching and professional development concerned with food, farming and rural development. The School brings together 60 academic staff across a wide range of disciplines within the natural and social sciences. The School hosts the Centre for Rural Economy, the Nafferton Ecological Farming Group and the Centre for Renewable Energy from Land.

Many academic staff within the School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development have a strong record of leadership of and participation in collaborative EU funded research projects. In addition, researchers within the school are associated with the multidisciplinary Institute for Research on Environment and Sustainability and with the Developing Areas Research Network, which is a focus for international development interests with Newcastle University.

Main task in WHaTeR project: This School of Newcastle University will have its main tasks in leading two thematic Work Packages (5 and 6): one investigating the impact of WHT adoption on livelihood within beneficiary communities and downstream non-beneficiary communities, and another investigating technical performance of WHTs and assessment of WHT knowledge and technology transfer.


  • Liz Oughton, Leader WP5:¬†Livelihood Improvement
  • John Gowing, Leader WP6: Technological Improvement
  • Lisa Bunclark, Postgraduate researcher WP5 and WP6