WHaTeR: Partners

Sokoine University of Agriculture

Sokoine University of Agriculture, established in 1984, offers undergraduate and postgraduate training in various fields of agriculture, forestry, livestock (veterinary medicine), and Rural Development. The University has various research programmes such as the Soil Water Management Research Programme (SWMRP) started in 1990 leading to considerable experience in soil water management including rainwater harvesting. The SWMRP is implemented by 15 researchers and six research associates and has five administrative staff.

SWMRP has an excellent track record of research in the field of climate change and soil water management. Highly relevant studies for WHaTeR include DFID projects (e.g. R7888; R8115; R8116), Smallholder Systems Innovations project (WORTRO/Sida) and IDRC-DFID project on climate change adaptation.

Main task in WHaTeR project: Sokoine University will lead an integrated country-based study (Work Package 12) with a strong field component testing technological improvements of WHTs in upstream and downstream areas representing different agro-ecological zones.