WHaTeR: Partners

Arba Minch University (AMU)

The Water Technology Institute in Arba Minch University, founded in 1986, has been mandated to offer both undergraduate education, conduct research and provide community services in the areas of water resources. Since 2004 it has got the authorization to postgraduate in the field of Hydraulics & Hydropower, Irrigation and Water Supply & Environmental Engineering. . The university has now diversified its programs to include colleges of agriculture, college of natural sciences, college of Business and economics, college of Social sciences and humanities and others. The institute has about 300 academic staffs and has long tradition of partnering with international institutions in conducting joint research and training. The institute hosts a regional Applied Training Center for Nile Basin countries, center of excellence on Mini-Hydropower and center on solar power energy. The Institute has a strong experience in international collaborative projects of similar kind dealing with watershed management, water supply and rural sanitation in peri-urban areas, river engineering and hydrological modeling.

Main task in WHaTeR project: Arba Minch University will lead an integrated country-based study (Work Package 10) having as major tasks to identify the various water harvesting systems and investigate their effect on livelihood improvement and food security, and to assess the potential of WH for small scale irrigation and determine their impact on disaster risk reduction, and to analyse the uptake and upscaling of WHTs.


  • Adane Abebe, Leader WP10: Ethiopia integrated case study
  • Guchie Gulle, Researcher WP10
  • Ermias Alemu, Researcher WP10
  • Samuel Dagalo, Researcher WP10